Advertise Your Brand Here

Do you want your company’s brand in a prominent position on the Social Discovery Insights website?

We’ve relaunched our website with a new look and feel, which includes a brand new section on the homepage called ‘Knowledge Partners’.

This presents an excellent opportunity for companies to have full branding on our homepage and help position themselves as a real industry leader.

Readers will then be able to click through and within your section, you can add:

– An unlimited amount of content (news, videos, white papers, blogs, press releases)
– Your business contact details
– Your Social media profiles
– One piece of content per month, which the Social Discovery Insights team can work with you on (podcast, extended Q&A, video interview)

It’s also a great way of raising and maintaining brand awareness, as well as educating and updating our audience on the latest news/content you have.

Our content is read across our various social media platforms by key strategic decision makers in various sectors of the industry, with global outreach is currently in the tens of thousands.

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