About Us

Social Discovery Insights (SDI) is the leading source of news, information and analysis for the Social Discovery industry. We are the voice of an up-and-coming industry that is set to redefine friend-finding in the 21st century.

Our articles and interviews provide executives and professionals worldwide with up-to-the-minute, authoritative social discovery coverage. We pride ourselves on being the go-to publication when a story breaks.

Our reports and analyses give readers a detailed look into one aspect of the social discovery industry.

Our conferences and events bring together some of the biggest names in the industry for conversations, presentations and networking opportunities. Speakers from gofrendly, Social Discovery Group, and Unlikeany, have featured in the past.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. Social Discovery Insights is monetised by a) content partners, b) ticket sales, c) sponsorship of events, and d) sponsorship of reports. Our sponsors benefit from brand awareness, and do not receive any additional editorial support.

Sean Nolan

Senior Reporter

Sean Nolan is the Senior Reporter at Social Discovery Insights. As an experienced journalist, Sean has reported on tech innovation in the public and private sectors. Having grown up in Singapore, Sean always brings global perspectives to discussions of business and society.

Simon Corbett


Simon Corbett is the Founder of Social Discovery Insights. He has a love of media and communications, and has worked in the international Public Relations industry since 1999. Today Simon runs the Public Relations agency Jargon PR and, in his spare time, enjoys sport and travel.

Doreen Pupillo

Head of Partnerships

Doreen is the Head of Partnerships for Social Discovery Insights. She has a background in account management and a degree in marketing. Her spare time is split 50/50 between planning the next meal out and researching where the next trip to escape the rain in Scotland will be.

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