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Pinterest Unveils New Campaign Focused on Discovery

To attract more advertisers, Pinterest has rolled out a new ad campaign aimed at boosting awareness of its role in helping its users connect to niche interests.

With the platform keen on finding ways of capitalizing on its largely untapped revenue potential, the campaign is Pinterest’s latest strategic move.

While Pinterest sees steady growth in terms of user base, one aim of the campaign is to draw in more ad partners. As a result, the campaign videos highlight its appeal to younger demographics.

Moreover, the whimsical videos highlight how Pinterest helps its diverse and engaged audience to explore a wide-ranging interests. An eclectic variety of interests are showcased, including crocheted hats for cats and macrame mushrooms. In addition, they emphasise how the discovery process on Pinterest supports users’ self-discovery.

This campaign video includes visual references to Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit-hole.

Each month, 518 million users come to Pinterest to find inspiration and discover ideas tailored to their individual taste. That’s 518 million unique journeys of discovery,” according to Pinterest. “Pinterest thrives in what we like to call the ‘magic middle’ – the space where people are free to discover and shape their own unique identities, then make them real”, the platform’s VP of global creative adds.

This campaign is to run across TV, streaming, social media, digital platforms, programmatic ads, and cinemas in the U.S. and U.K. through November 2024.

Another video showcases how Pinterest helps users find niche interests they are passionate about.

Pinterest’s entertaining campaign does a great job of highlighting how it facilitates discovery to connect users with their passions. In doing so, it’s also enhancing its value proposition to ad partners. It also provides a compelling model on how to harness the user experience to drive both engagement and revenue.

Learn more about Pinterest by visiting its website here.

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