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Ten Ten: French Walkie-Talkie App Goes Viral

French startup ten ten’s walkie-talkie app has gone viral with its popular blend of nostalgia and new technology. The platform allows users to send voice messages to friends even when their phones are locked.

While the app has only been live since last year, it’s already seeing significant growth, especially in its home country. So far, ten ten has seen 1 million downloads in France and a total of 6 million globally since launching.

The platform’s functionality is simple yet effective. Users can send and receive voice messages using a unique PIN system, which facilitates easy connection with friends. The app is designed to be ephemeral, meaning conversations are not stored, which addresses privacy concerns head-on.

Ten ten’s viral marketing and the app’s integration with platforms like TikTok have supported its rapid adoption by younger users and its rising number of downloads.

However, the app is facing rumors of being Chinese-owned and criticism of its data privacy policies. In response, co-founder Jule Comar clarified to TechCrunch that the French company complies with GDPR regulations and does not sell user data.

Meanwhile, its popularity and user feedback are shaping the app’s direction. Currently, it suggests a capped number of nine friends to support close-knit friendships, but ten ten is working on evolving its UX to accommodate larger networks.

In order to maintain momentum, the startup is reportedly in the process of securing venture capital to support its growth. While details on funding are yet to be disclosed, addressing scalability issues will be critical. This next phase will determine whether ten ten can sustain its popularity and expand its market presence.

Learn more about ten ten by visiting its website here.

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