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Startup Roundup – 31st May

Social Discovery Insights is constantly on the lookout for new players, disruptive business models, and innovative technologies, in the social discovery market.

  1. Catchup: Designed to combat superficial social media interactions, Catchup helps users stay in touch with friends and family by setting reminders for intentional check-ins. Available on iOS, the app allows users to track interactions and remember important dates, with a free trial for up to two contacts and an $8 in-app purchase for additional features.
  2. Spoony: A social network for neurodivergent, chronically ill, and disabled individuals, Spoony provides a safe space for users to share experiences, ask questions, and connect. Its Spoon Status™ feature allows users to indicate current energy levels and needs. The app is free to use with an open waitlist for early access, and a public launch to follow soon.
  3. Noom Vibe: Blending health and social connection, this app encourages healthy habits by tracking steps, workouts, meditation, and more, rewarding users with virtual “Vibes” currency. Vibes can be redeemed for gift cards or donated. Social features include live coaching and community circles, and it’s available for free for iOS and Android users.

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  1. Clapper: A potential TikTok alternative, this growing short-video social platform targets a slightly older Gen X and Gen Y audience. Clapper has no ads and its features include livestreams, chat, and an option to filter posts by location. It focuses on helping users find communities of interest, rather than what’s trending.
  2. Moments: Aiming to provide a simple flow to meet users’ social needs, Moments focuses on shared moments with close friends and family. Users can create or be added to a plan with friends, and also share photos and videos live with others from a shared experience. Once they’re no longer sharing in real time, posts can be converted into ‘memories’.
  3. Gratitude Plus: To improve relationships and mental wellness habits, this freemium app offers a positive and reflective social experience. Users receive prompts to journal, and their answers can be shared with close friends and family in private groups or “circles” within the app. It includes mood tracking and an anonymous community-based feed.
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