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Instagram Introduces ‘Notes’ and Bolsters Safety for Teens

Instagram has rolled out new features and protection measures to boost user engagement and safeguard younger users. The social media giant has introduced a new ‘Notes’ feature and is expanding safety measures for teens.

The “Notes Prompts” allow users to initiate conversations based on question templates, encouraging interaction among friends and mutual followers. Additionally, users can now use @ mentions in Notes for direct prompts and like Notes by double-tapping or clicking the heart icon.

By providing an easy way to spark conversations and drive engagement, Notes is proving popular with teens. The updates boost Instagram’s ongoing efforts to connect with its younger users. Notably, Instagram has shared that this demographic is around ten times more likely to create a Note on the app.

Moreover, the platform is expanding its ‘Restrict’ option to enable users to prevent specific profiles from tagging or mentioning them, offering additional protection against online bullying. This approach allows teens to manage their interactions more effectively without the need to block users outright.

In addition, the “Limits” feature is also being expanded. Originally launched for high-profile users to shield them from online abuse, this tool now allows teens to restrict interactions to their “Close Friends” list, reducing exposure to potentially harmful comments and messages from unknown users.

With the aim to providing a safer and more controlled social media experience, Instagram is reaffirming its commitment to protecting its younger audience. It’s also clear that the platform seeks to balance its efforts to boost engagement with user protection.

Learn more about Instagram’s latest updates by visiting its website here.

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