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Noom Vibe: Making Health & Wellness A Social Experience

Leading digital healthcare company Noom has launched its new app, Noom Vibe, designed to promote healthy habits and foster social connections. Its users can earn “Vibes,” a virtual currency, through healthy habits tracked by the app’s step, workout, meditation, and habit trackers.

People want to live better longer,” shared Noom’s CEO Geoff Cook with Social Discovery Insights. “We see that the next wave is longevity. With a taste of better living, people get hungry for more,” Cook continued, emphasizing longevity’s significance in the age of GLP-1 agonists, the new class of drugs making headlines for their weight loss benefits.

The app also seeks to address the impact of social isolation on health.

We wished to answer Surgeon General Murthy’s recent call. His report made clear that a lack of community can lead to early death and take years off a life. We understand how important community is to helping healthy habits take root, and we wanted to put our fantastic coaches in a community with wellness seekers in an innovative and engaging way,” added Cook.

Noom Vibe stands out by integrating various wellness tools to combine social connection and health into one app. The Vibes users earn through healthy habits can be redeemed for gift cards or donated to causes, adding a helpful motivational element.

Combining financial incentives with improved self-efficacy has been demonstrated to lead to enduring lifestyle changes,” said Dr. Pouran Faghri, a professor at UCLA School of Public Health and a scientific advisor to Noom.

Meanwhile, the platform’s community features respond to users’ social well-being needs, so they can boost their overall health beyond just physical optimization.

Product image from Noom Vibe showing a range of the app’s features

Noom Vibe’s standout features include:

  • An Incentivized Step and Healthy Habit Tracker, to encourage users to build healthy habits with financial rewards.
  • Incentivized On-Demand Workouts including over 1000 personalized workouts, which reward users with Vibes based on exercise duration.
  • Doctor-led Health Advice and Live Coaching, so users can access live talks and sessions with Noom health coaches on various health topics.
  • Community Circles which match users with similar interests for voice-based interactions, to connect over topics like sleep, fitness, and mental health.

Its design fosters both individual habit-building and community engagement, creating a supportive environment.

Noom Vibe is free, so everyone can access our financially incentivized health tracking tools and live coaching, backed by a supportive community,” shared the app’s Founder Dayo Akinrinade, emphasizing its inclusivity.

“With Noom’s flagship app, we have helped and will continue to help millions achieve a healthy weight. Noom Vibe is the latest step toward our mission to empower everyone, everywhere, to live better longer,” added Cook, who is also the Co-Founder and former CEO of The Meet Group.

For those looking for a holistic platform to support their health and social life, Noom Vibe is available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Learn more about Noom Vibe by visiting its website here.

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