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Maven: A Serendipity-based Social Network Powered by AI

Maven is a social media platform with an innovative premise, using an algorithm which prioritizes serendipity and curiosity over conventional optimization.

The platform’s open-ended AI algorithm centers novelty in its approach to social discovery. Meant for users who seek a digital detox from traditional social media dynamics, there are no likes or follows on Maven.

Unlike other social networking platforms, Maven connects people around interests, bypassing the need for users to grow their follower count in order to find community.

Instead, users on Maven can follow topics they are interested in and chat to others who share their interests. Its AI-run algorithm curates relevant content, eliminating likes, follows, and retweets to reduce the pressure of popularity contests.

By removing the incentives that drive sensationalism and narcissism, Maven aims to foster genuine, meaningful interactions. In addition, the platform is taking user safety and authenticity seriously. Maven screens and verifies users, and actively monitors content to prevent the spread of misinformation and inflammatory material.

Designed to increase the likelihood of unexpected and interesting discoveries, the platform’s ethos reflects the work of its co-founder, former OpenAI researcher Kenneth Stanley. Stanley has previously written about and advocates for a shift from goal-oriented processes to serendipitous exploration.

Maven’s mission has attracted backing from investors, including a $2 million round led by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, with participation from OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

While Maven has drawn in a growing number of users since launching at the start of this year, it is currently exploring potential ways of monetizing in order to support its growth. The challenge will be finding revenue streams which do not undermine the platform’s toxicity-free ethos, and how it supports curiosity and chance connections over popularity.

Learn more about Maven by visiting its website here.

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