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Auggie: The Parenting Community App

Launched this week, Auggie is a new app where parents can connect with each other to share advice and shop for vetted products.

The idea for the startup came from the founder’s personal experience during her pregnancy, when she juggled multiple spreadsheets and group chats to gather advice on parenting products and services. Auggie aims to be a solution for parents facing similar challenges.

The startup went live last summer, after raising $1.7 million in seed funding from investors including NFX, Accel, and angel investors.

Earlier this year, Auggie introduced a WhatsApp community which surpassed member limits and facilitated over 450,000 messages and 35,000 product recommendations.

The platform seeks to address decision fatigue by providing trusted recommendations and a supportive community of other parents. Its target demographic is primarily mothers with young children.

Parents can use Auggie to engage in real-time discussions with other parents, explore topic-based spaces, and join communities based on due dates or geographical locations. The app is currently free to use, although it may introduce paid subscriptions at a later point.

“We’re just really focused on scaling the community, our retail partners, and just building the ecosystem of recommendations when it comes to parenting” shared Auggie’s founder, Lily Walla, in a comment to TechCrunch.

Walla emphasized the company’s mission to create one cohesive platform that blends community, content and commerce seamlessly for parents.

Auggie runs on an affiliate marketing model, earning commissions on sales through its marketplace. It also hopes to integrate the marketplace into its app soon, and to diversify its revenue streams by exploring drop-shipping and brand partnerships.

Learn more about Auggie by visiting its website here.

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