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Pepper: The Social Cooking App for Everyday Chefs

Pepper, a social app for cooking enthusiasts, crossed the 1 million user mark this month and has announced the introduction of monthly cooking classes for its paying subscribers. Designed to empower chefs of all backgrounds and skill levels, Pepper provides a unique platform for users to create, discover, and share recipes from around the globe.

Featured on Season 1 of Gordon Ramsey’s Food Stars reality competition, Pepper aims to fill the gap left by mainstream social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, which lack specialized tools for food lovers to engage effectively.

Since launching in 2021, Pepper offers a platform tailored specifically for the everyday chef, with searchable ingredients lists and a user-friendly interface. This community-driven platform transforms traditional recipe sharing into a social, engaging experience.

Users can follow and discover other users’ profiles where they can view their posts of dishes they’ve made. They can also browse the community’s collection of over 50,000 recipes or search for one based on ingredients, difficulty, or dietary restrictions.

Another useful feature is the ability to create digital social cookbooks, to keep track of all of your favourite recipes in one place. Users can also find inspiration by viewing other people’s cookbooks, and save any recipes they are interested in trying out later.

Pepper’s mission is to enhance the experience of cooking, through a platform that modernizes and simplifies the process while making it a more social activity. Its founders outline a desire “to create an online community for home cooks to engage and learn from each other” as a cornerstone of Pepper.

Adding value to the Pepper+ paid subscription is the app’s introduction of cooking classes by top creators which will provide interactive, hands-on learning experiences.

Learn more about Pepper by visiting its website here.

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