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Strava Releases New Features To Enhance User Experience

Strava is rolling out several new updates to enhance user experience and community interaction on the fitness tracking app.

A notable update is the AI-powered feature which turns data from fitness activities into easily digestible insights. This summary of a user’s workout is a useful addition for anyone who would like to understand their performance better in the context of reaching their fitness goals.

To ensure fair competition, the app is introducing AI-enabled leaderboard integrity to maintain a level playing field for all. Strava’s AI model is being trained to flag questionable activities, ensuring accurate rankings on leaderboards.

Another update is the introduction of Weekly and Night Heatmaps, which offer new insights useful for planning workouts. On Weekly Heatmaps, users can view activities from the last 7 days, to check whether road or trail conditions have changed recently. The feature is useful for those who are new to an area.

Night Heatmaps show users how busy routes are between sundown and sunrise, so they can check whether a path sees high traffic for after-hours workout plans. This tool may be especially valuable for any female athletes who may have safety concerns and prefer to opt for busier routes when training before sunrise and after sunset.

Product image from Strava showing updates to its Flyover feature (left) and Dark Mode (right)

Another innovative feature launched is the Flyover, which animates workout data into a 3D map with dynamic stats. The visual overview of a user’s activities is also shareable on social media, if they want to celebrate their achievement with others.

Moreover, Strava has added Dark Mode for mobile users who prefer a darker interface when training late-night or in the early mornings.

Also, the platform’s activity pages now offer a more streamlined user experience. The update allows users to view workout-specific highlights directly on maps, such as personal bests or speed over time, and simplifies the process of reviewing performance or sharing activities data with others.

Finally, the company is expanding its subscription offering with a new Family Plan option to allow a shared subscription between up to 4 people. It launches this summer with plans for a global roll-out by the end of the year.

Learn more about Strava by visiting its website here.

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