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Startup Roundup – 17th May

Social Discovery Insights is constantly on the lookout for new players, disruptive business models, and innovative technologies, in the social discovery market.

  1. The Breakfast: Created for modern creatives to make new chance connections, The Breakfast offers its users one chance a day to meet someone new and connect with them in-person over breakfast. To join, users must be invited or have their application approved by the app first. It’s currently available in 15 cities worldwide.
  2. 222: A social experience platform which uses AI to generate in-person meetups at curated hyperlocal venues between compatible people. Users pay a one-time fee or a recurring subscription to unlock events where they can meet their best friendship matches over dinner. For now, it’s available to those based in Los Angeles or New York.
  3. Wayve: A new social app to view any nearby friends on a map. All users appear anonymous on the map, but sending a temporary ‘wayve’ to someone allows you to reveal each other’s identities and chat or meet up, if they accept your wayve. Friends on the map must be added from a username or contact, and privacy settings are highly customizable.

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  1. Voiijer: Built for nature enthusiasts and explorers, this platform seeks to tackle environmental indifference by allowing users to discover content from expeditions shared by scientists and nature-lovers. Its users can find and share a range of media on their feeds, including 3D scans for AR viewing.
  2. Buffet: Created to tackle loneliness, this new social discovery app uses its algorithm to suggest a person and a place for a meet-up. Both are selected based on the preferences shared by a user when signing up. With destination suggestions and the ability to plan in-app, it simplifies the process of meeting someone new.
  3. Indaband: Made for music lovers, this new app offers collaborative music recording and sharing features, as well as social discovery ones. Users can invite friends to record music with them on the platform, and follow each other’s profiles to keep up with their music or connect with them.
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