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Palmsy – The Social Network Where Posts Are Just for You

Palmsy is a new pretend social network which allows you to indulge in the dopamine rush of likes without ever sharing your content with the world.

The faux social app operates as a space where users can post anything they want, from personal reflections to bad puns, knowing that their content stays on their device.

It’s like having a digital diary that rewards you with likes from your contacts, without broadcasting your thoughts to the world. Currently, the app is only available on iPad and iPhone devices.

Palmsy users can post as much as they want, add photos, and receive likes, but the catch is that these interactions are confined to the app and don’t leave the device.

Essentially, Palmsy acts as a social media detox, providing the thrill of engagement without the pressure of public scrutiny. By tapping into your contact list, Palmsy generates pretend likes to simulate social validation without compromising your privacy.

Recently introduced advanced options allow its users to further customize their experience. Now, you can limit the number of likes on a post and control how long you receive them, offering even more control over your mock digital interactions.

Palmsy joins a growing trend of apps aiming to alleviate social media addiction by offering alternative platforms for self-expression.

With its focus on privacy and personalized engagement, Palmsy is poised to resonate with users hoping to disconnect from social media while still enjoying a dopamine boost.

Learn more about Palmsy on its site here.

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