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Muzz Social Ads Banned By London Public Transport

Despite a survey by Muzz revealing that Muslims feel excluded online, Transport for London (TfL) has rejected a number of ads the company has tried to run for Muzz Social, the app’s recently launched social discovery feature.

The recently conducted survey sheds light on the challenges Muslim users face on mainstream social media platforms with several alarming statistics: 89% of Muslims feel misrepresented on social media, 85% have encountered Islamophobic content, and 74% cannot freely express their religious views.

Key statistics from a survey by Muzz on the issues faced by Muslims online

Moreover, 63% have experienced shadow banning, and 50% have had their accounts blocked without reason, particularly after sharing content related to Islam or supporting causes like Palestine.

In view of these insights, CEO & Founder of Muzz Shahzad Younas shared his frustration with TfL’s rejection of their proposed ad campaign:

”We’ve worked with TfL a lot in the past and they’ve never had issues with us because our ads have always been lighthearted. As soon as we try to touch on a more serious subject for the Muslim community, TfL then stops us from sharing our message”, said Younas in a comment shared with Social Discovery Insights.

“The most ironic part of it all is that we’re trying to raise awareness for the social network we built that’s sole purpose is to give Muslims a space where they won’t be censored.

TfL said that our ads are likely to cause serious offence which we don’t believe is a legitimate claim. There is nothing offensive about raising awareness for a problem that Muslims all around the world are facing”, Younas added.

Muzz Social aims to be a space for Muslims to connect, share content, and form meaningful relationships while upholding Muslim values.

With group-based networking and women-only spaces, the new feature’s objective is to create a welcoming environment for Muslims worldwide to widen their friendship circle.

Speaking about their targets for the year ahead, Younas shared:

“Our goal is to bring Muslims from all around the world together on a platform which is an alternative to mainstream social media where they can express themselves freely. It’s a platform made for Muslims, by Muslims.”

You can learn more about Muzz Social by visiting its website here.

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