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EU Commission Announces Its Investigation of Meta, Google & Apple

The EU Commission has announced its investigations into Google, Apple, and Meta over potential breaches of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), wasting no time in utilizing its new authority to regulate the influence of these major platforms.

One of the key areas of investigation is Google’s alleged self-preferencing of the Google Play Store in its search results. Similarly, Apple’s App Store “steering” rules are under scrutiny for potentially giving Apple an unfair advantage. Meta’s ad-free subscription plan, criticized for making its users pay for privacy, is also being investigated.

These actions reflect the EU’s commitment to ensuring fair competition and transparency in the online market. The DMA aims to prevent large platforms, known as “gatekeepers,” from stifling competition and impeding user choice. It requires gatekeeper platforms to allow third-party interoperability and provide access to user data, ensuring accountability and transparency.

Notably, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta, and Microsoft have been identified as gatekeeper platforms, with all but one included in the initial investigations.

The DMA, which came into effect recently, represents a significant shift in how online platforms are regulated in the EU. While its impact remains uncertain, it signals a new era of oversight for tech giants operating in the region.

These investigations also coincide with the EU’s broader regulatory efforts, including the Digital Services Act (DSA), which targets online content moderation and user protection. Platforms like X and TikTok are also facing scrutiny under the DSA.

As these cases unfold, it will be interesting to see any legal rulings’ implications for the social app industry. The EU’s rigorous enforcement of its new regulations highlights the importance of compliance and adaptation for major online platforms operating within its jurisdiction.

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