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BeReal’s Growth Stalls As Its Funding Runs Out

BeReal is facing an uphill battle, with the once-trending French app’s user growth now lagging behind and its funding set to run out before the year’s end.

With its active user count plateauing around 25 million since mid-last year—a far cry from its peak of 70 million daily actives—the platform is struggling to maintain relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of social discovery and friend-finding apps.

Recent reports reveal the app’s funding is quickly drying up, with employees being told in February that BeReal had about 10 months of runway left, according to Business Insider.

Accordingly, this suggests that the company faces a daunting decision in the months ahead: either to secure a Series C funding round or face the possibility of acquisition.

However, tepid investor interest and the stark reality of its diminishing value as a standalone platform cast a shadow over its future prospects.

Founded in 2019, the app’s meteoric rise was fueled by a $60 million Series B funding round in 2022, and it once boasted a valuation of $600 million.

Yet, the subsequent downturn in its fortunes suggests BeReal is more successful as a feature than a platform, lacking a clear path to sustainable monetization or a clear niche carved out in the social app industry.

The clock is ticking for the app, now in a precarious situation for any tech startup. BeReal’s struggle serves as a sobering reminder for industry observers of how rapid growth and media buzz are sometimes boosted by ephemeral trends rather than sustainable business models.

You can learn more about BeReal by visiting its website here.

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