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One In Three Students In Latin America Uses Widget App Noteit

Iconic Hearts reaches a new milestone in its expansion efforts – with 1 in 3 students in Latin America now an active user of Noteit, the company’s viral social widget app.

Noteit is most popular with Gen Z and Gen Alpha users, and allows them to create a widget on their mobile’s home screen connecting them to another user.

The Noteit widget then acts as a mini-portal to communicate with friends or partners, with whom they can instantly share notes, photos and videos.

It allows users to foster real-time connections with friends and loved ones in a one-to-one format.

We’ve witnessed incredible 120% growth in our Latin American community and have been thrilled to see Noteit become the canvas for creativity and connection across the region“, shared the CEO and Founder of Iconic Hearts, Hunter Rice, in a press release.

Thanks to this impressive growth, the app recently added 6 million users to its user base and as of February 2024 counts more than 50 million users.

Using in-app localization and creative marketing tactics has contributed to Noteit’s success so far, including collaborations with local creators and leveraging the use of Whatsapp as a popular messaging app to organically share Noteit with more people.

Rice added: “Our commitment to tailoring Noteit to meet the unique needs of our community here is paying off, and we’re only scratching the surface.”

Noteit has also shared its plans for global expansion, starting with a launch of a version tailored for Germany in the works.

Its successful cultivation of familiarity and inclusivity on the platform for Spanish-speaking communities is something the app is looking to emulate in European markets, the region it’s targeting next for user base growth.

To learn more about Noteit, visit its website here.

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