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VERO – Ad & Algorithm-free Social App Rolls Out New Look

Vero is a social app built to offer users an ad and algorithm-free alternative to the current leading social platforms like Facebook and TikTok, and it’s just launched a new look and updated feature.

Co-founded by Ayman Hariri, the son of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, it currently has more than 6 million users after launching in 2015.

The app is free to download and features recommendations from users you know of photos, videos, links, films and books near the top of the screen, while also providing a chronological feed showcasing other users’ content.

It has a noticeably simply and clean look, in line with its ethos of moving away from the addictive and algorithm-based model of other social platforms.

Another stand-out feature is the highly customizable, yet straightforward options for users to decide on the audience for each post they publish.

Another is the app’s culture of supporting creators, by showcasing them on the ‘Featured’ page but also by allowing them to connect directly and in a more organic way to their audiences.

The new update has streamlined the ‘Featured’ page to improve display and functionality, and to better share community events and trends.

By contrast, on large mainstream social platforms, creators’ follower numbers can change at the whim of algorithms which tend to reward polarising content.

Its ‘Creator Focus’ section allows creators to collaborate and have more agency to provide recommendations, making VERO more ‘community-owned’.

The app also plans to launch a subscription-based version this year, while keeping the free version accessible to all.

The move to include a subscription business model is in line with the company’s values since it focuses on the users as its customers – rather than relying on big advertisers which would impact their business decisions.

You can learn more about VERO by visiting its website here.

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