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Startup Roundup – 23rd February

Social Discovery Insights is constantly on the lookout for new players, disruptive business models, and innovative technologies, in the social discovery market.

  1. Communia: This social networking app aims to create a safe space for women and marginalized genders to make meaningful connections, crowdsource advice and support each other’s self-development. Committed to turning self-care into a social experience, the platform offers a digital journaling tool with customizable sharing options, goal and mood tracking features, and a discover feed to get inspired by other journals.
  2. Spill: Former Twitter employees launched this platform which invites users to “spill the tea” through text posts, images, videos, and GIFs. Each post is referred to as a “spill”, and the app prioritizes safety and crediting the creators behind viral posts. Through its “Tea Parties” function, users can also connect via events.
  3. ID: One of social app company Amo’s 3 social discovery ventures, ID lets users create a unique profile to share content with friends. Users can get creative with the collage on their profile, where they can showcase images, videos, text and stickers, and collaborate with others.

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  1. Atmosfy: This video-first platform allows users to discover dining, nightlife and travel locales through others’ short-form review videos. Its founder was inspired by TikTok’s growth in search and food-related videos. Users create videos that highlight places in their city and can find a new spot to try next through the city-based feed of local customer reviews, while getting real-time updates on their friends’ recommendations.
  2. Kndrd: A New York-based app with the aim of getting people to hangout IRL, Kndrd users post a hangout that other users can react to and join, which could be a walk in Central Park or getting drinks at a bar. It launched as a beta test this year, and now has thousands of people on its waitlist, also hoping to connect and make plans with new friends.
  3. Cosmos: Described as Pinterest for creatives, this app lets users create image folders and selections called ‘clusters’, which they can either share with other users or keep private. Its interface is more artist-focused, and removes notifications, likes and comments. It’s currently invite-only, but its waitlist is open to join.
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