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New SaaS Solution Launches With Features For Social Discovery

A newly launched SaaS solution by Wick Entertainment provides white label tools for social discovery apps and founders, with features to tap into revenue from user-generated content.

The ‘plug and play’ turnkey solution aims to provide companies with a hassle-free solution to launch their own branded user-generated social content platforms, so they can seamlessly expand their digital offering with users and capitalise on audience engagement.

Serving as a non-executive advisor to Wick Entertainment is Steve Pammenter, co-founder and former CEO of White Label Dating.

Pammenter has previously been named by Global Dating Insights as one of the dating industry’s most influential leaders, and big brand partnerships are expected to be confirmed for Wick Entertainment’s new product.

The infrastructure provided by this turnkey solution includes features such as subscriptions, live streaming, messaging, clip store, and pay per view as well as a tipping functionality.

It also offers market-leading search and discoverability features, and partner brands can analyse performance and revenues through a comprehensive back-end admin portal.

Product Image of Wick Entertainment’s New SaaS Solution

On the launch, Wick Entertainment’s CEO and co-founder Sam Gibbon said:

“I’ve witnessed the industry’s immense potential and challenges. It’s a space brimming with creativity and passion. It’s a community that values both authenticity and innovation, and it’s often a key driver for technological advancements.

Yet, despite this, existing businesses are often hampered by technical barriers and outdated platforms.”

Gibbon and Wick Entertainment’s co-founder, Graham Fleming, have confirmed their attendance at the upcoming TES conference in Portugal later this month, where they’ll showcase their new product and the monetization opportunities available for partners and affiliates.

Learn more about Wick Entertainment’s new product by going to its website here.

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