Yubo Unveils ‘Toolbox’ Document To Improve Youth Online Safety

Yubo is engaging key U.S. policy and advocacy stakeholders through its newly unveiled online safety policy guide, aimed at protecting young users’ safety online.

The Paris-based social discovery platform for Gen Z will present the initiative to key U.S. stakeholder groups in policy and advocacy in New York City this month, according to its press release

The document is meant to serve as a toolbox by outlining universally applicable standards to better the protections online for young users – with the aim of improving global standards industry-wide.

It contains recommendations to enhance protections and strengthen safeguards for minors online. 

“To limit the safety risks that kids and teens encounter online today, and equip platforms with the tools that can ensure young people are able to remain safely engaged with the world around them, a collective and collaborative response that is globalized is essential,” said Yubo’s Head of Legal & Public Policy.

Users go on the live social discovery app to chat, play games, and start livestreams to connect with each other organically, with likes and follows removed from the equation.

Yubo partnered with French standards organisation AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation) on the document, also produced by a coalition of partner organisations – including Meta. 

The initiative follows pivotal policy roll-outs, including the European Digital Service Act and the UK’s Online Safety Bill, while youth online safety regulations are being debated in states across the U.S. and in the Supreme Court.

More than half of teens in the U.S. spend longer than four hours a day on social media, according to a 2023 Gallup poll, pointing to the need for enhanced online safety.

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