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Startup Roundup – 26th January

Social Discovery Insights is constantly on the lookout for new players, disruptive business models, and innovative technologies, in the social discovery market.

  1. Radiate v2: This newly updated social and events discovery platform helps users connect with others around local events, venues, music festival communities, and more. It now includes advanced mapping, AI for event discovery, and social tools allowing users to explore their local nightlife scene. The social vouch system prioritizes user safety.
  2. Slowly: For those who miss the personal touch of a handwritten letter, this app connects users around the world to find a pen pal they share interests with. Pen pals can then send each other letters to form meaningful connections at a slower pace.
  3. Tandem: This language exchange app allows users to improve their language skills and connect with others globally, so they can make new friends while helping each other master a new and useful skill in the process.

In Case You Missed It! Here’s last week’s Startup Roundup:

  1. Magnet – Chat, Match, & Play: This gamified social platform helps users find a personality that fits, share their interests, and chat fantastic. All that before they unlock each other’s real photos behind their cartoon avatars.
  2. Petzbe – Social Media for Pets: This is a PAWsitive social media experience allowing pet parents to form meaningful connections with each other & trusted companies in the pet industry.
  3. Saturday – Find your people, wherever you are: Creating not just digital connections, Saturday is about real-life, spontaneous interactions that enrich your life. The platform is crafting a world where every day is an opportunity for authentic, in-person experiences.
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