BeReal Announces 4 New Features

Social app BeReal has announced that four new features will be coming to the platform before the end of 2023. Users will have the ability to create groups, tag their friends, and share behind-the-scenes insight into their shared content.

In a recent statement, BeReal explained the four new features that are releasing soon:

  • BTS (Behind The Scenes)

This new feature allows users to share more about the moment their BeReals are taken. Users will now have the option of creating a video by recording the seconds before their BeReal is taken. This ‘BTS’ video can then be shared.

The platform explains that this new feature “lets us share, see, and hear more of what’s going on in our and our friend’s lives”. 

  • RealGroups

Users will now be able to join and create RealGroups, which are specific groups of people that will receive specific content. For example, users can create a group to specifically share images with close friends, family members, or for a book club.

BeReal explains “going away to college and missing your closest friends back home? Create a RealGroup to stay close, share your dorm-life adventure, see what’s going on back home, and stay close no matter how far away you are!!”.

The platform highlights though that users will only be able to have two RealGroups, making sure users choose carefully who they include.

  • Tagging

The social platform has also highlighted that users can tag their friends in BeReals, allowing them to repost this content at a later time.

  • 2023 Recap

To mark the end of the year, BeReal will be sending users a custom 2023 Recap. BeRealers are encouraged to share this recap using #BeRealRewind. The platform points out that this feature is an upgraded and polished version of past recaps.

Find BeReal’s full announcement of these features here.

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