Yubo Employs Bodyguard to Bolster Security Further

Yubo is a very popular social discovery app aimed at Gen Z that has found popularity in countries all over the world. As an app aimed at young people, making the platform a safe space is absolutely vital to its success. It has shown once again this is a priority in another collaboration with technology company Bodyguard that ups the platform’s ability to monitor content and prevent issues before they arise. 

Bodyguard is a content moderation system that goes a bit further than the usual technology used in this area. Bodyguard assesses contextual language in real-time to block inappropriate content immediately. A lot of moderation systems are based on keyword detection. Bodyguard does this but also claims to have algorithms that can analyse the language in context, and is therefore more adept at identifying more instances of inappropriate context. 

Yubo’s platform is all about connecting young people in real-time, so its security solutions need to be powerful and flexible to ensure it is a safe place in the moment and in real time. The platform has over 80 million users across 140 different countries. Sacha Lazimi, Yubo’s co-founder said:

“Ensuring the safety and well-being of our users is our top priority, especially as we continue to develop our live discovery model and look for new ways to make the real-time connections we are fostering on Yubo as positive and engaging as possible. With users in over 140 countries, cutting-edge technology solutions like Bodyguard are also essential to scaling Yubo’s content moderation for a global audience.”

Trust, security and safety are absolutely vital in the reaction of social discovery apps. It’s no surprise to see such a successful one, such as Yubo, continually invest in such solutions. Not only does it genuinely make the product better and safer, particularly important in an app aimed at young people, it sends out a hugely important message to both its users and potentially their parents. Take security seriously if you want your social discovery app to be taken seriously. 

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