Gofrendly Expands UK Horizons to Birmingham

Gofrendly is a friendship and social discovery app aimed exclusively at women. After successfully establishing itself in Sweden, where it was founded by the entrepreneurial partnership of Claudia Gård and Ulrika Lilja, the app expanded to the UK and specifically London this year. Things are clearly going well – as Birmingham is now being welcomed to the fold. 

In a LinkedIn blog post, Gofrendly said:

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the success in London, where women are already forging new friendships with Gofrendly! Now, it’s Birmingham’s turn! Gofrendly has officially touched down, introducing a new era of friendliness. Welcome to the Gofrendly community, Birmingham! Let’s make lasting connections and unforgettable memories together.”

Gofrendly was founded in 2015 in Sweden when the two founders did their own DIY friendship finding with each other. An impromptu meeting sparked the idea for the app. Eight Years later and the app had proven a success in Stockholm and beyond, and managed to garner !,3 million in funding this year, helping the expansion into the UK. London was the first touch point, but sights are set on the UK’s Second City Birmingham as the controlled expansion continues. 

Claudia Gård and Ulrika Lilja recently joined us on the Social Discovery Insights podcast. You can listen to the two talk about the success they have had so far, plans for the future and all things Gofrendly. It’s a deep dive into an app that is clearly resonating with its target audience, as it continues to expand across the UK. Listen here.

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