Soli Shows Potential Power of Social Discovery Apps

Soli is an app that is proving useful and popular to women in Israel, providing a safe space to anonymously share feelings, their mood and find mental health support from others. It’s a tiny ray of positivity in a region of the world that has been so bleak and traumatic in recent weeks. 

What Soil does is give women a completely safe environment to share their feelings without judgement. And what users are finding is – their feelings and their moods are normal and shared by thousands of others. It’s obviously a particularly complex and highly intense time in the region, and feelings of anxiety and fret are high. The support network and little bit of help a social discovery app can give is being demonstrated on the service. Soli, though only launching this year, has over 10,000 users.

When users open the app, they see a map which shows other users locations and moods. From there they can start conversations and seek help and support for whatever they are going through. Soli has added new moods since the recent turmoil in the region to specifically help women find the support they need. Moods such as ‘I need help’ and ‘ready to host an evacuated family’ have been added on the app. 

Neta Schreiber Gamiel, CEO of Soli told the website NoCamels:

“We created Soli to give women a safe space to share everything they’re feeling, and to get validation and immediate support from other women. Women are dealing with many experiences alone, even though there are others who have already endured something similar and understand exactly what they’re going through.”

One particularly excellent feature on the app is that it is populated by official trained Soli users. There are hundreds of women on the app who have undertaken mental health and crisis support special training. Users can quickly connect to one of these special users to get more specialised aid and support. 

Social Discovery apps have the ability to make a huge difference in people’s lives all over the world. And Soli appears to be a very extreme example, that is doing some good in a far from good time. 

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