How Wyzr Plans to Use Ambassadors to Grow the Brand

Wyzr, a social discovery app for older generations is launching an ambassador program to help expand its user base. Wyzr explicitly markets itself to older generations – those in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. By sourcing advocates across the United States, it’s hoping to be able to better reach its core audience – one that could be harder to reach than younger generations. 

Wyzr app is much like other social discovery apps – it matches users based on their profiles and their interest. However – it does have a couple of different offerings that make it ideal for older generations. For one – it uses government ID for its verification system which it believes helps it appeal to older generations. It’s a way to do ID that can be trusted and understood by its audience. The app also allows couples, not just individuals, to sign up helping to accommodate pairs who are looking for more friends as well. 

It has launched its ambassador sign-up program and is looking for those who have signed up to the app to apply for the roles across the UNited States. It’s looking for people who are dedicated to improving social connections and community spirit in their local communities. Carolyn Kelly, co-founder of Wyzr Friends, said in a press release:

“Ambassadors play a pivotal role in making a difference at the grassroots level. By bringing Wyzr Friends to their communities, they contribute to the broader mission of combating loneliness and fostering meaningful connections.”

Ambassadors will be key in being active both on the app – encouraging posts and engagement, but offline too – boosting the awareness on social media, and helping to play a pivotal role in organising local events for its local Wyzr community. There are lots of ways that social discovery apps go about trying to increase their awareness and user base – but nothing really beats good old word of mouth expansion. When the product is good enough – it works – and Wyzt hopes its ambassador program can kick start that positive chatter and spread of its app among a notoriously harder to reach demographic. This is a generation who grew up meeting people in real life – not online – but there is no reason they cannot experience the same benefits of social discovery delivered by technology. 

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