AMO Launches New Type of Social App: ID

A new social networking and discovery app has been launched by AMO. It’s simply called ID, and it comes from a team that were behind the now defunct Zenly app. The app has only launched recently, but because of the team’s pedigree, the company had a successful round of funding earlier this year of $18 million. 

Antoine Martin, based in Paris is one of 10 founders of the AMO and its new ID app. The whole team come from previously working on Zenely – a social app based around location-sharing and hanging out with friends. The app was sold to Snap and continued to be very successful before it was cut and dropped by the social giant. 

The new app, ID, Martin says is being designed to help combat the loneliness epidemic. It hopes to go back to the roots of what social media was when it originally emerged. It hopes to stay away from being just like all the other social platforms that are designed to keep you on them for as long as possible, even if you are not interacting with your friends or posting about yourself.

ID hopes to be a place to express yourself and interact with friends. The idea is to not be too prescriptive about what you do on the app. Your profile is a literal blank canvass for you to decorate with stickers, photos and notes however you would like. In that way, users can be totally creative in what their profile looks like compared to others. ID also is designed with the idea in mind that you will spend 10-15 minutes on the app – and that’s it. In fact, the app tells you to go get some fresh air when you’ve finished looking at your notifications.

Martin told Tech Crunch:

“We’re prioritising scale because my goal is to create an indestructible company. And it’s Zenly’s founder who is saying that! I used to think that 18 million [daily active users] would be enough to make a company indestructible. But I was wrong. I think you need 100 million [daily active users].”
ID is just the first app from AMO. But it’s coming into the space with fresh ideas and it will be intriguing to see how the company does, shaking things up and with its new ideas on what social networks could look like, combined with strong financial backing. 

Read more about the launch of ID here.

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