Circle of Trust App Shares the Love on Growth Journey

Circle of Trust is a recommendation app that is establishing itself in the North West of England. It has recently committed to share the love as its business grows. When it reaches its milestone of business sign-ups – the platform is going to give back and donate £60,000 to relevant charities in the North West area. 

Circle of trust is all about creating a trusted community for users to get recommendations for all kinds of different businesses. The recommendations crucially come from other trusted users on the app such as your friends and family. It could be a haircut, a plumber, a restaurant or anything really. Users can crucially only give recommendations – helping to foster a positive community on the app – beneficial to customers and business owners. 

Businesses can get on the app for a yearly fee of £35.99 if they sign up before the end of November. And it is these business sign-ups that are linked to Circle of Trust charity endeavours. When the app hits 60,000 signed up businesses, £10,000 will be donated to 6 different charities. The charities have been chosen by the six founding members of Circle of Trust. Tracy johnson, one of the co-founders said in a press release:

“We have had such a supportive response from the North West  business community. We wanted to give something back. There are so many wonderful charities across the North West; the work they do is incredible. Six is a key theme of the Circle of Trust and so we will donate £60,000 between the 6 charities, once we have 60,000 paid business subscriptions on the app in our first year.” 

The chosen charities include Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity: A Bed Every Night; Forever Manchester; The Pankhurst Trust; Manchester Youth Zone; The Steve Burne Charitable Trust and Reuben’s Retreat. Check out the links to find out more about each charity, primarily functioning in the North West, where Circle of Trust is growing its userbase. 

It’s a great idea to help the app grow and really feeds into the community spirit that the app is trying to build. Win win all round. Recommendations for real world products and services is a super interesting branch of social discovery, and we will be keeping a close eye on the Circle of Trust and other apps that help foster communities in local areas. 

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