Appetite Aims to Make Meals Out Simpler

Appetite is a brand new app that is hoping to make meals out and restaurant visits easy for its users. Whether it’s getting the best recommendations of where to go, streamlining the organisation with friends or the actual booking, Appetite is aiming to make your culinary adventures smoother, easier, and I guess tastier. 

Going out for a meal, in this writer’s opinion, is one of the better joys in life. Appetite is trying to make that an easy experience to sort out, and deliver a semi-social network on its platform at the same time. Primarily, the app is for actually streamlining organisation with your existing friends, but it delivers social discovery in a couple of ways too. First off, it is a social way to discover new restaurants. Based on other users’ recommendations and reviews, different restaurants will be suggested to users. But there is also a more social network aspect to the app, with a feed that includes posts and recommendations from your friends, but also followers and creators on the app. 

The app has been co-founded by Brothers, Toby and James Green, who raised $2 million in funding in September from a number of angel investors. They have focussed the funds on building out a strong team to super charge their marketing. The Apps focus at this time is on the UK. Toby Green in an interview with TechCrunch said:

“Appetite stemmed from the tedious process of arranging an evening out with my friends. The process felt fragmented, frustrating and often outdated. Navigating from WhatsApp to coordinate schedules with friends, to Google for often unreliable restaurant reviews and then to a booking site — only to discover the chosen restaurant is fully booked — creates a disjointed and frustrating user experience. We wanted to create an all-in-one platform where our users could get real-time, personalised suggestions of available spots, effortlessly coordinate plans with friends and ultimately enjoy exceptional, hassle-free dining experiences.”

Appetite straddles the world of social discovery and social network. However, there’s no doubt it’s an app looking to build communities. What better interest to do that around, than food!

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