Reports Show Gen Z Turning To Digital Spaces to Find Friends

Some new reports have shown that the level of loneliness is high among Gen Z, and that more so than any other generations, they are turning to online spaces to fill the gap. In a survey by Bumble, 66 per cent of Gen Z reported that they had made a friend online, which is nearly double the average when we look across all generations. Only 38 per cent have when looking at all generations. 

While Gen Z have often made a friend at one point online, the numbers still suggest loneliness is high. 60 per cent of those who responded to the survey of 1,000 adults, said that they were seeking new friends. But 52 per cent reported that they had struggled and not made a friend in the last year. The number seeking friendship was highest in Gen Z specifically, with 73 per cent seeking new friends. A major problem for that generation is being stuck in old friendships that are not working for them anymore. As people grow, they change, and move to different parts of the country – so finding new friends as you leave education and enter the working world can be a real challenge. 

The survey also showed the benefits of making new friends. Respondents cited friends as the first people they go to when they need advice on their problems. And of course, making new friends can help combat feelings of loneliness which are far too common in today’s world. Psychologist Carly Dober told in Australia:

“It is that paradox where we are more connected than ever thanks to technology, but this is not the only thing that helps to alleviate feelings of loneliness. Unfortunately, this makes loneliness worse as people might self-isolate, or feel like they’re not ‘interesting enough’ to participate in things with friends, or to put themselves in new situations.” in Australia reported that research showed 37 per cent of Gen Z women in Australia experience loneliness and 75 per cent want to make new friends.

Wherever you are in the world, the issue of loneliness is being experienced by Gen Z keenly, not to mention other generations. Social media seems to exacerbate the problem, when really it should help. That’s why there is such an open door for social discovery apps to make a big difference and help reverse the situation. The number of platforms and apps that can help actually bring people closer together is growing every day, and to hear all about them, stay tuned to us here at Social discovery insights. 

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