RAVL Launches New “Meet Now” Feature For Its Business Travellers

RAVL is a social discovery app for business travellers specifically. The platform is all about helping people on business trips meet up with like minded people who are similarly away from home, to socialise in their free time on business trips. The new “meet now” feature hopes to turbo charge that and make it even easier to organise impromptu meet ups last minute. 

The new Meet Now feature makes use of location sharing and instant messaging, so it is super easy to find other RAVL members nearby who are interested in meeting up. And then organising something is quick and simple. Many business travellers go to very cool places in the world, but then they only see the airport, a taxi and hotel or conference centre. It can be so easy to do nothing but your work and mooch in a hotel room. RAVL’s goal is to help people socialise more, for the benefit of their personal lives, but also for networking and business opportunities. Andy Cairns, Co-Founder of RAVL said:

“We understand the challenges faced by business travellers when trying to connect with others while on the go. With ‘Meet Now,’ we’re empowering our users to turn idle moments into productive networking opportunities, making their travel experiences more enriching and rewarding.”

RAVL launched its beta earlier this year, and is available to download on the Apple App store. Andy Cairns, CEO of RAVL, spoke at our Inaugural Social Discovery Insights Conference earlier this year. The next conference is set to be held in New York, if you would be interested in attending the event – head here.

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