Bumble BFF Collabs with Butterball to Combat Thanksgiving Loneliness

The holiday seasons are just around the corner, and while they are a time when many of us come together with friends and families, that activity can accentuate and worsen the experience of those who, for whatever reason, head into the holiday season without those connections. Loneliness and isolation are felt most keenly at these times of year. Bumble BFF is collaborating with Butterball, a leading Turkey product  producer in the USA, to help combat loneliness this holiday season. 

Through a number of events and partnerships, Butterball and Bumble are encouraging people to meet up this holiday season, with old friends and new ones alike. Butterball in a recent survey found that 20 per cent of people this thanksgiving will not celebrate it or celebrate it alone. Distance and the cost of travel is a major factor in this. 

Director of Purpose at Butterball, Christa Leupen, said:

“Togetherness is our core value at Butterball, and we understand that many people are longing for new and meaningful connections right now. That’s why we’re so pleased to partner with Bumble For Friends to help people find their table and celebrate the holidays in a way that is authentic to them – helping them express their personality whether they’re gathering with friends or family, neighbours or coworkers, new acquaintances or childhood besties.”

Beth Berger, General manager of Bumble BFF added:

“While Friendsgiving is traditionally a time to celebrate existing friendships, it’s also the perfect opportunity to meet new peopleFriendship and bonding with others over shared interests like enjoying a delicious meal are vital parts of our well-being, and this is especially important when navigating the often busy and stressful holiday season.”

The partnership is kicking off with a New York event on November 2nd – for attendees to hear from expert about friend-ship finding. More virtual events will follow with further access to experts in friend finding. Butterball is publishing resources on hosting the perfect thanksgiving too and Bumble likewise, on how to make meaningful connections on the app and use its group chat and planning features. 

The holidays make the issues of loneliness more acute than ever. The more tools people can have for social discovery to combat such situations the better. 

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