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New Wyzr Friends Social Discovery App Chasing Mature Market

Wzyr Friends is a new social discovery app specifically aimed at older generations. It aims to be a place where people can make new friends and connections with people who share the same interests, both online and in-person. It launched just this week, on both Apple and Google Store. 

In a press release – Wyzr specifically calls out its aims to be a tool for people in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, and subsequently is not an app geared at the younger generations. It uses an ID verification system that makes use of official government ID to verify its users and their age. 

Like many other social discovery apps, the core of the experience is matching and chatting with other users on the app, who are also seeking connections and friendship. A key function and tool on the app however is the Friend Blast and Carpool function. The first feature tries to help make it easier for users to arrange and organise spur of the moment or last minute plans with their new acquaintances on the app. They give a blast out that they are free to hang out, or would like someone to accompany them to a show, or go on a run with. And the carpool feature helps people share rides, saving fuel and money if they are heading in the same direction. Eco-friendly, but also another chance to make connections with new people you have matched and built a rapport with.

Co-founder, Carolyn Kelly said

“We provide members with the best possible connections by matching them based upon shared interests, age range and location. By using our proprietary Health & Wellness Wheel, members can also connect to achieve mutual health goals, including physical, mental, financial and spiritual.”

Loneliness is a problem for people across generations. There is no generation that would not benefit from friend-finding and social discovery solutions. The challenge of providing these solutions through technology is arguably harder for older generations. Not to stereotype too much, but the younger generation are used to and comfortable using the latest tech to solve their problem and have been using online dating as the de facto way to meet romantic interest for years. Finding friends through such technological solutions isn’t a giant leap. For older generations, that could feel alien to them. So social discovery apps, tailored and aimed at them specifically, are of great importance and Wyzr has thrown its hat into the ring to be just that.

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