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Playsum is the Social Discovery App Aimed at Gamers

Playsum, a social discovery app in early access currently, is aiming to become a wholesome place for gamers to meet new friends, join communities and share their passion for gaming. Optically, the gaming space can be seen as a very competitive antagonist place – and that’s true in some quarters – but that is only a small part of the picture. There are hundreds of thousands of gamers, who are potentially looking for connection, social interaction, and friendship, and Playsum wants to be the place that happens. 

Playsum is the combined effort of three co-founders, Florain Lambart, Katie Boyd and Alex Boyd. Between them they have a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, start-ups, and perhaps most importantly, in the creation of online communities and trust and safety policies and technology. While the app is still in its alpha stage, it plans to use age restrictions, harassment detection systems, educational messages and positive reinforcement to create communities and interactions on the app that are positive for all involved. 

Gamers will be able to find other like-minded people to connect with based on their favourite games. The games don’t have to be online multiplayer games either – and Playsum will have communities for all kinds of games, singleplayer, counter-top or multiplayer games. It’s all about finding people enjoying the same games as you to discuss, swap stories, or potentially meet up with. Playsum, while in its early access, offers its gaming communities, when it goes fully live, also intends to become a games store front itself.

This week Playsum is introducing what they call The Playsum-verse. Leaning into their gaming culture, the Playsum-verse is the platform’s own magical sci-fi world within the app, filled with mascots and characters. It’s not quite clear yet how these characters will affect the Playsum experience – but they clearly bring a flavour of the gaming world into the social discovery app for gamers. 

The Playsum app is available in its early access form to download now on Google Play and Apple Store. While the nasty stereotype of a gamer being a loner type cooped up in their bedroom doesn’t really represent the wide variety of people who play games, gaming is often an isolated pursuit. It is something you do from home, and often do alone. Playsum has a huge potential audience of people who are looking to be brought closer together to share their passion.

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