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CLIQ Launches App and Round of Seed Funding

A new social discovery app called CLIQ has made a splash in the last month. After launching less than a month ago, the app has had thousands of downloads and is now seeking and opening its doors to a round of seed funding. CLIQ is a social discovery app built around the premise of building communities of like-minded people, or in other words, finding your clique. 

Cliq is the brainchild of Nicola Gunby, who has a strong track record in successfully founding new enterprises, previously in the beauty industry. She is taking everything she learnt about building communities in the beauty industry, and applying some of those learnings, philosophies and skills to a much broader audience in the new venture that is CLIQ.

On CLIQ, users connect with other like-minded individuals who share similar interests. They can join or create communities to celebrate those interests, and most importantly, set up events to develop and build those real life connections. It’s a social discovery platform that is putting the focus around shared interest, hobbies and meet-ups.

Only launched on September 15th, according to the company, it has had thousands of downloads already, communities on the platform that are 250+ strong, and has already started selling out some of the first events. With 25k followers on Instagram, it is a strong and promising first month for the start-up and launch of the new platform. 

The company is now calling for and raising seed funding to continue the venture. You can download CLIQ on both Apple Store and Google Play to check it out for yourself. It’s another new player we will be keeping an eye on in the social discovery space for sure.

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