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Blue Fever: The Social App Combining Anonymity & AI

Blue Fever is a social app using the power of anonymity to create a positive and vibrant social platform that can improve mental health for young people.

It’s an interesting approach when many might argue that anonymity at one point played a huge role in what made social networks negative spaces for many people. At times social media has been a place where people can say what they want behind the safety of their keyboard and ‘egg’ profile picture. 

Blue Fever harnesses that anonymity differently however. In a way it’s still a place where users can say what they want – but rather than a negative space to bring down others – the app is all about encouraging a positive atmosphere, where users can vent and share their frustrations, their worries and their insecurities about themselves anonymously.

Users can share and support each other going through similar things. It is social discovery but without discovering who you are talking to. It creates a feeling of safety and relaxes people to be able to talk more openly. 

Blue Fever is the brainchild of entrepreneur Greta McAnany. It was founded in 2018 and in 2021 purchased and acquired Trill, a similar platform for teens to share their woes. Like many other technology companies, Blue Fever has been exploring the use of AI technology.

It recently surveyed its users and found that teens showed a high willing-ness to use AI technology for mental health based purposes. Some 85 per cent of the respondents indicated they would have no problem using AI for emotional support. Again, 72 per cent they would happily use AI for guidance, on career choices for example, and 58 per cent indicated they really valued the confidentiality that AI can provide. 

AI then has the potential to become the perfectly anonymous support teens and people could need to tackle their problems. Blue Fever, doesn’t think it’s as simple as that and of course is right. The company says it is hoping to harness ‘the power of AI to bridge the gaps in mental healthcare, while preserving the importance of human connection and acknowledgment.

This is an incredible opportunity to recast how we approach AI development in the youth digital health space; and, an even bigger responsibility to do so in an ethical and in a trustworthy way.’

You can find out more about Blue Fever by visiting its website here.

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