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Meetup Revamps Member Profiles for Social Discovery

The event organising platform Meetup has this month revamped the options for users profiles in an attempt to improve the social discovery prowess of the app and website. A host of new features and a redesign has all been done in aid of making finding new friends through Meetup easier and seamless. 

Users have been invited to update their profile, to share more about themselves, and in turn, be able to make connections on the app with people they go to events with easier. Previously, on an event page you might only have the names of the other people attending – now users can expand those profiles to find out a lot more about their fellow attendees and potential friends. 

The new profile pages are incorporating larger photos, a ‘shared in common’ section, and a ‘looking to’ section that makes it clearer what other users are looking to do: whether network, simply do a hobby or, vitaly, ‘make new friends’. A new bio section is available as well – and all has been updated on the site and app to provide a slicker experience when viewing profiles. 

The hope is that by providing more information about attendees to the event, users can carry on the conversation post event or even beforehand with the attendees they can see might be on their same wavelength. The ability to see which other members are also looking for the same thing as you – especially – ‘making new friends’ makes social discovery at meetups events so much easier. 

Members can only see the advanced profile features when they update their own profile to include the extra information – so users who do not wish to use the platform in such a way can continue as is.

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