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SmackSocial Aiming to Be the Anti-FOMO App

A new social Discovery platform called SmackSocial has publicly launched this month. The idea behind the app is to make social meet ups and activities easier and seamless to organise for friends. 

Co-founder of the app Whitney Graham described how organising a social activity across multiple different apps was a frustrating experience. The idea behind SmackSocial is that everyone gets the information about the hangout, even if they are not on the app – and puts them in a group chat that disappears once it is over. So there is no need for the mundane admin of leaving or archiving multiple group chats.

The app started as a Birmingham Young University master’s project but has evolved into the business and app launched this month. Alongside fellow alumni Kent Broadbent, the app has won a number of pitching competitions and has raised funding in the six figures. Whitney Graham said:

“Depression rates for Gen Z are through the roof, and people are struggling to connect in person. I’m hoping the app can help people reconnect, and that we’ll see greater diversity and inclusion in friend groups. Users now have the tools to cross over and combine their groups in an organic way.”

She goes on to describe more as a social coordination app – one that helps ensure plans between friends come off, and that friendship groups can be integrated with other friendship groups for activities more seamlessly. The app hopes to help friends avoid that FOMO feeling and make sure they are at every meet-up. 

The app is available now on the App store and already has over 500 downloads in the Google Play store. It’s a free to download app, but does offer in-app purchase for specific types of post and boost to your posts for social events.

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