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Friendship for All With Dateability

Dateability, the dating app for the disabled and chronically ill communities, is the latest platform exploring the expansion of its offerings. According to a report on, Dateability is looking to raise more funding to add a friendship feature and element to the app.

Dateability was launched in October 2022 by sisters Jacqueline Child and Alexa Child. We had the pleasure of recording a podcast with the sisters back in November, you can listen to it here.

It’s a very interesting app that offers a safe space for disabled people and the chronically ill to find love, connections and relationships. It’s a positive platform, in ways traditional apps sometimes simply cannot be. The app is not limited to those disabled and chronically ill, and accepts all people on its platform, but the difference is, its options allow people on the platform to be very clear and open about their disability.

Dateability has already started dipping its toes into friendship finding, by expanding its ‘looking for’ options. Its 7,000 users can indicate if they are looking for love, friendship or if they are not sure yet.

Jacqueline told that:

“Truly every dollar that we receive is being put to really good use. We’ve been able to enhance the app greatly since launching. … We’re spending our money very effectively and efficiently.”

The sister duo are hoping to do that again, raise more money, and bring a friendship feature to the app by the end of the year. This will bring the app into the expanded world of social discovery – recognising that platonic relationships can be just as important to find as romantic relationships, whoever you are. 

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