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Going One Step Further with OneFriends

OneFriends is a social app not about finding new friends. Why? A trend we have talked about a few times is the growing prevalence of social discovery over social networks. On platforms like Twitter (X) or Facebook, you broadcast your content to hundreds, potentially thousands. And you hear the thoughts back too of just as many. They’re great for unearthing gems across the internet and being part of huge conversations, but difficult for establishing strong one-on-one connections in many ways. There is just too much noise.

That’s the advantage of social discovery, Bumble BFF or Meetup or any one of the number of friend finding apps that have emerged. They are smaller circles to play in, and you can find people either nearby locally to form friendships with, or who share very specific interests. The OneFriends App takes that one step further you could argue.

OneFriends is an app that is growing in popularity – and its social discovery without the discovery. This is an app explicitly for you and your closest friends. Instead of thousands of people, or finding new people, this is a social app aimed at friends you have already. On the app you can easily organise meetups and activity, and keep your friendships alive. Good friendships need love, care and attention to maintain and grow. And OneFriends hopes to be the platform that allows you to do a better job of that.

For example, when you have connected with someone on OneFriends, it is a sign that the two of you are committed to keeping the friendship alive. But rather than one of you having to make the step to reach out. Onefriends gives both friends a notification and a reminder when it’s time for a quick catch up, activity or day out. It’s that little nudge to help stop those friendships you care about from petering out. 

OneFriends is like the end goal of your social discovery, rather than social discovery itself. An interesting app and very different service in the social app industry.

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