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What Does Using A Friend-Finding App Say About You?

Let’s not bury the lead. What does using a friend-finding app say about you as a person? Nothing! Well, at least it says nothing bad about you as a person. In fact, quite the opposite. It says you are taking sensible and logical steps to improve your life. 

It mirrors the world of online dating in this writer’s eyes. For years, people could be a bit sheepish about admitting they met their partner online or through a matchmaking service. Anecdotally, meeting any other way now can feel like a bit of a novelty. It’s been normalised. And so should friend-finding. Technology has brought enough downsides and woes to our lives and mental health – let’s not belittle or diminish the positive impact it can have. 

And I think it’s becoming clear to see – the younger generations, just like they are combating the stigma around mental health, are blasting their way through any lingering stigma of using technology and friend-finding apps to find people to connect with. Danielle Bayard Jackson, friendship expert at Bumble BFF said to the Washington Post:

“I hear that all the time. [using apps to find-friends is strange]. People are a little hesitant at first because they don’t know what it says about them that they have to resort to something like this.”

But she went on to say, those in Gen Z are setting a new tone. They use their phones and technology for so much of their lives. Why would they not use it for finding friends once they enter adult life – where the options to make friends are less prevalent. Starting a friendship online allows a lot of the awkward early work of finding friends to be side-stepped. By the time you commit to meeting up, you already have worked out that your a decent match in a less awkward, safer and more convenient space. 

There is no shortage of brands and companies exploring this world, and you can stay tuned here at Global Dating Insights for all the latest news.

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