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Snapchat+ Reaches Significant Monetisation Milestone

Every social app, whether dating, discovery or media, is looking for ways to monetise their user base. It’s the best and most sustainable way of ensuring profitability. Snapchat+ is Snapchat’s solution, and just after a year of its launch, has reached over 4 million users. How has it done it?

4 million users is just 0.53 per cent of Snapchat’s user base, but it is still an impressive milestone to reach in just a year. For example, only 0.3 per cent of people are signed up to Twitter Blue. Perhaps one of the most successful, on this added services front, is YouTube, with 2.5 per cent signed up to YouTube Red. Regardless, its a strong start for Snapchat+ users and its done it by being very considered with its offering.

First off, the monthly price for Snapchat+ is $3.99. Much cheaper than the $8 dollars a month Twitter Blue for example is asking of users. What it offers users is a host of extra customisable options for their profile. Subscribers can access exclusive icons, have more information about their engagement, priority story replies, custom emojis and AI generated profile backgrounds.

What’s key is the benefits are not absolute game changers. Those users without the subscription are still not missing out on the core Snapchat experience. But for those who do pay the small monthly fee, the uber users, they can customise their look and gain a bit more info about their posts.

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