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New Gen Z Social App – Leka – Aiming to Tackle Loneliness

Leka is a new social network app launching 21st July in Vietnam. The company is ambitious, planning to start in the home country of some of its founders, before expanding internationally. The goal of the app is to provide a social network platform that encourages much higher levels of engagement from its users than the established players in the space. But how?

Leka says that in its beta trials, 70 per cent of users are posting daily. It says that is much higher than what we see on other platforms that have a 90-9-1 rule. Meaning 90 per cent don’t post at all but simply lurk, 9 per cent post occasionally, and 1 per cent share very regularly. The way Leka combats this is by reducing the people you are posting to at any one given time. Instead of every post and engagement you put on the platform going to everyone, they go to your ‘Squads’. Essentially, it allows you to express the different facets of yourself to different people, so mum doesn’t get the same content you want to share with your group of friends. 

The app is also making use of AI technology, to help keep squads engaging. Squads have leaders,who can set missions for those in the group. AI will help suggest those missions to the squad leader – all in the hope of keeping the platform fun and engaging – encouraging users to post in their squads. 

People have often talked about how the human brain is not designed to be exposed to as many people and ideas as some social network apps experiences become. Leka is looking to reduce those circles, increasing the value of your voice, and helping you establish better connections. In this way it hopes to tackle loneliness and improve mental health of its users, especially those in gen z. Denise Sandquist, CEO, said:

“Leka is focusing on mental health by bringing authenticity, community, and belonging to the world’s younger generation through features that encourage users to be themselves – for real. Interacting and engaging with people who have something in common with them increases the feeling of belonging. Today, all social media platforms are mainly focused on connecting people on the surface.”

It’s a very interesting idea, with potential for sure. The app in beta and during its initial launch is going to remain as an invite only platform. But the company hopes to expand internationally, open up sign-up to all, and monetise the platform in the future. Leka has over 70 influencers and 200 campus brand ambassadors to help its initial launch this month. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on the progress here.

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