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All Friends are Friends with Benefits?

It turns out – all friends actually come with benefits – no not that kind. That’s according to a new survey by Califia Farms, that found that the power of just a quick 20 minute chat with a bosom buddy, is as beneficial to mental health as a long relaxing bath or a hard exercise session. 

This was a poll of 2,000 brits and it exposed the power of friendship. People do really rank good conversations with friends as one of the main things that improves their overall mental well-being. Sharing really is caring. That’s why it’s no surprise the social discovery and friend finding industry is growing and expanding on a seemingly daily basis. There’s not a person in the world who wouldn’t benefit from having good friends to share their lives with. It’s no wonder people are looking towards technology to make it happen.

Interestingly, the study found that it is those friends you are most comfortable with, and that you would meet up with in your own home, that can have the biggest difference. A lot of social discovery apps are based around activities or meet ups in public places. This is a natural first step for making new friends, meeting on neutral ground is safer to start. It’s interesting however, it is those friendships that you foster to a point where you are comfortable being in each other’s home that might make the biggest difference. 

In fact, 72 per cent in the survey cited quality time spent together as the most important part of friendship, compared to just 14 per cent citing new experience, and 10 per cent looking for aesthetic surroundings.

Friendship brings connection and a sense of belonging. It’s key to our happiness as humans, so for those who are lacking, get on the social discovery apps. They could be your gateway to a more fulfilled life. One filled with friends with benefits. 

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