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Bumble BBF to be Own Separate App

In news that is sure to create a buzz in the burgeoning world of Social Discovery, Bumble BFF is set to become its own standalone app – that’s according to a source of Mashable, and has now been confirmed to Tech Crunch. Bumble BFF has been a component of the popular dating app Bumble for a while now, giving people a chance to pursue not just love, but friendship too.

According to the source, a separate app for the service has been tested in the UK and in some Asian markets. The source suggests that the app could launch as soon as this summer in the USA. 

Bumble BFF works in much the same way as the core app, but is of course for those looking to make new friends and meet new people without a romantic element. Subscriptions and in-app purchases are available on the service that help boost your chance of matching with new friends. 

The description on the App store for the markets that can test the standalone app is as such:

“With Bumble For Friends, you can chat, meet new people, and make friends in a community focused on kindness and safety. Whether you’re new to your area or just looking to expand your circle, Bumble For Friends is the easiest way to make new friends and find community,”

The separation of the BFF part of Bumble is reflective of the huge opportunity and potential growth of Social Discovery services. A decent number of Bumble users were and are using Bumble BFF – as many as 15 per cent according to a Bumble Spokesperson. But would more be using it if they didn’t have to open what is ostensibly a dating app? How many people, looking to make new friends, have refrained from trying the app, because they don’t want a dating app on their phone? It would be a question a lot of us wouldn’t want to answer from our partners!

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this – as BFF is leaving the hive – it will be fascinating to see how it performs, what audience it will attract and how it will truly differentiate itself from the Bumble brand and other friend-finding apps.

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