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Atly Raises $18 million in Funding Showing Social Discovery Thriving

Atly, a new Social Discovery app is putting location at the heart of its app. While formerly known as Steps, the app has re-launched as Atly, after receiving $18 million in a recent round of investor funding. Leading Investors in the app were Tal Ventures, Target Global and FKA Brands.

Atly is a social mapping platform. Since the early days of online message boards and forums, the internet has been a brilliant way for like minded people to find one another from all around the world. Apps, like Atly, still using the power of the web, are helping people from just down the street find each other now too.

The app is all about finding the best places to go in your local communities, recommended by other people with similar interests to you. Perhaps you’re vegan, you can look at maps curated by other Vegans, and help you find the best culinary spots for you. 

Whether your interest is hiking, date nights, or food – everyone’s main interest is food right? – the Atly app is populated with user-created maps that highlight the best in the neighborhood. The quality of the app relies on the quality of its users and communities. The idea is that the recommendations are authentic and trustworthy.

By no means the first company to try and blend social networking with location, Atly, then known as Steps, launched in 2019. It now boasts over 6,500+ user created maps, is operating in 150+ countries and 125,000+ locations. 

A new and interesting player in the social discovery space for sure, putting location at its heart, showing that Social Discovery is the place to be, as well as that amazing new korean BBQ joint round the corner. See ya.

You can download the app today from the App Store and Google Play.

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